Why We Work

When price, service, and reliability are a growing concern, clients deserve a more thoughtful and value-driven approach to their meeting or event. Regardless of your budget, there’s risk with every project. This is where the communication and core values of your audio-visual, production, and design partner are so important. Our trust and success are deeply rooted in the ethics expected by every client.





With every project serviced, we’re reminded of how important the people we employee truly are at LiveAV. Each of us must perform challenging tasks at the highest level. LiveAV institutes the below values to ensure client’s receive the very best of our products & services.


Exceptional Service

One of the most difficult yet obvious requirements of any great technology partnership. We feverishly protect our client’s best interests while demonstrating empathy, authenticity, urgency, and a readiness to always offer that little extra than necessary or expected.


Expert Advice & Technical Solutions

If we aren’t adding real value to your next project, we simply aren’t doing our jobs. The advice and technical expertise we offer must be complemented by ingenuity and understanding. Not all solutions will be the best “fit” for our clients. With every obstacle or objective, our personnel are trained to be solution driven and listening champions.


Employ the Most Inspired People

We believe Audio-Visual, Event Production, and Digital Media bring out the most creative and inspired humans on the planet. We’re fortunate to have some of the best working at LiveAV through our proprietary employment selection process. In some cases, the most inspired staff members aren’t the most technical, but their strengths in other areas (such as management, administration, sales, and operation) are still highly desirable and valuable to our partners.


Engage Each Other with Respect

Internally and externally, this is a non-negotiable clause of working with and for LiveAV.


Enjoy "What We Do" for Our Clients

If we’re enjoying “What We Do,” there’s a good chance our clients are doing the same! Some of the best creative experiences come from a genuine fulfillment of “loving what you do and doing it well.” We look forward to sharing our enjoyment of technology and innovation with you.

What would it take to become the most reliable and technically advanced business partner in the global meetings and events industry? Why would a company turn to you instead of a larger, more established firm for their next project? How could we build a brand that creates life-changing experiences, not only for the people whom work there, but the brands we support that rely on us to deliver every time?

These questions demand a better solution. They require a company that’s focused on repeatable positive outcomes, trust, and experience based relationships with a sustainable financial strategy. A place where core values and exceptional client service are a non-negotiable clause of the company’s culture. 

We proudly call this place: Live Audio Visual, LLC (LiveAV)

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Daniel Ricci

Owner | President