Who We Service

Experts at LiveAV work side-by-side with Event Planners, Producers, C-Level Executives, and positions responsible for bringing your project to life! If you’re the decision-maker, we want to hear from you! We constantly re-think our process to ensure your costs are not only understandable, but also truly acceptable. We clearly define milestones leading up to your launch or kick-off and, when unforeseen challenges are introduced, we shift quickly to uncover new avenues of equal or greater results.

“We’re really comfortable…

in the most uncomfortable scenarios.”

Learn how we can take a small idea and develop BIG results with measurable ROI. We don’t brush aside what our clients feel matters most to them. Instead, we leverage that emotion and build upon it to create something REALLY special. At every phase, the members of LiveAV are committed to the same excellence you’d expect from your very own personnel.


Key Factors

LiveAV strives to make your selection process easier and enjoyable. We’ve broken down a list of why we believe our company is the only choice for your next meeting or event.

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LiveAV is committed to offering and operating only the best (and most recent) equipment in the business. While that might be stated by many similar firms globally, we instead continue to educate our personnel and stay ahead of the technical speed and changes experienced over the last decade. Before every delivery and on a scheduled, regular basis, equipment is quality tested to ensure its functioning perfectly.
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LiveAV continues to grow our portfolio of incredible clients. From vital non-profit organizations, to Fortune 100 brands, every client is met with the exact same respect. We’re not concerned about how large a company might be, but what value or inspiration they’re looking to bring their audience. Small to large, we’ll have the right solution to exceed your expectation and drive results.
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LiveAV values how economically alert the meeting and event industry has become regarding cost. We discuss this subject first and with complete honesty while providing real options for any meeting or event scope. We’re extremely cautious when asked to price match. Instead, during pre-production, we’d rather implement and calculate potential additions ahead of time to avoid hidden fees or charges appearing post-project. Our goal is transparency, but we also fully respect the responsibility we undertake with our clients’ budgets.
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LiveAV only employs and schedules the most experienced personnel in the audio-visual, event production, and digital media industries. Within every service offered by our business, the average employee has a track record of over 15+ years successfully delivering high-level operations to our clients. The selection of whom we hire to facilitate each project is our greatest responsibility.
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LiveAV provides a full logistics overview to each client. By first assigning a dedicated Project Manager, he/she uncovers obstacles that might hinder project deadlines or show flow. Then, we put in place the right design team to build upon the creative objectives that better define your vision. Next, our expert operational team discusses each phase of your meeting, event, or digital activation regarding documentation, agendas, timelines, milestones, and content deliverables.
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Ahead of your project date(s), LiveAV establishes and communicates our contingency plans for every worst-case scenario imaginable. As always, new risk is introduced when plans change – and they do! We’ve all been involved in situations we couldn’t avoid. When this happens, clear communication, combined with our experience and prior planning, will allow us to be flexible and adjust quickly. As always, a large part of our risk management includes abiding by all local/state/federal laws and policies to operate our company legally.